We are a mother-daughter duo who have always wanted to be entrepreneurs. We started our candle business during the pandemic in 2020 and this journey became much bigger to us than we ever expected it to be. A few short months after starting the business, our father and husband passed away suddenly and our lives turned upside down. The candles allowed us to stay busy and to put our energy towards something positive and meaningful to us. The positivity and support we’ve received in the few short years of our business has helped encourage us to continue this candle journey.

(Now enough of the sappy sh*t!) We do it all - from pouring, labeling and packaging, to naming our candles and creating scent descriptions. It's important to us that we create candles with names that are relatable, self empowering, and a little sarcastic! Infused with natural essential oils, our candles will put your senses at ease, revive any living space, and create a refreshing aroma in any room. Our unique and stunning fragrances capture the sights, scents and sensations of the sea and the whimsical outdoors.

Learn about candle care here!  

Our mission is for our customers to embody our scents and to find their escape through our candles, while providing a safe, environmentally friendly alternative that won't diminish air quality.

We hope you love our candles as much as we love creating them. 

Each candle is made from scratch, by hand in Rochester, New York. 🤍